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Residential Services

PCNET -Your Full-Time Virtual IT Department
Bringing Corporate Expertise To Your Home

Using our online service, PCNET links your computer to ours virtually to repair your computer while you watch. About 98 percent of all personal computer problems are software related, which means that in almost all cases we don’t need to physically touch your machine to repair it.

Service Computer Options
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In Home
Computer Tune-Up
Make your computer run like NEW; remove viruses, spyware, unnecessary programs to improve performance. Install latest security updates. Install free Antivirus / Antispyware solution.
$65 $75 $85
Diagnostic and Reparation
Troubleshoot & repair any computer issues including hardware, software, and internet / email connectivity problem.
$65 $75 $85
Network Troubleshooting
We will diagnostic, troubleshoot and repair your network connection.
$50 Additional hours


HOME Solutions
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In Home
Family Security & Parental Control
The parental controls are designed to help parents manage what their children can do on the computer. These controls help parents determine which games their children can play, which programs they can use, and which websites they can visit—and when. Parents can restrict computer use to specific times and trust that our tools will enforce those restrictions, even when they're away from home.
Protect your family from undesirable digital content with parental control activation and confirmation for home users. We will install and show you how to manage. This is a free solution
$65 $75 $85
Network Residential Server Implementation
PCNET provides your home with all the necessary tools to enjoy a functional, secured and practical home network for your computers and peripherals. Enjoy the efficiency of your office in the comfort of your home.
Up to 5 computers.
Wireless Networking
Move around your home freely and secured without losing your connectivity
We will set up and configure your home computer’s wireless network connection with your ISP, connect a wireless router, update router firmware and enable wireless encryption, troubleshoot connectivity issues and network up to 3 computer.
4 - 8 computers     $250
Data Backups Services Setup
Computer set up automatically backup for your important data.
$65 $75 $85
Off-site Data Backup Storage
Don't let fire, flood, theft, human error, hackers or equipment failures threaten your information with severe disruptions.

Monthly Service – Free Set-up
$29.99   $29.99

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