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Power Backup Solutions

Businesses spend a lot of money on computers, software and peripheral equipment. Yet the last thing to be considered if at all is the need to protect their investment of time and money with proper surge protection and power backup equipment.

PCNET offers a full range of power backup solutions ranging from small workstation protection to server protection to server farm or data center protection.

Power backups can be customized to keep the servers up and running during short outages and safely shut down during long periods of power loss, or it can be strengthened to keep servers running even during long power outages.


  • Can be rack mounted or free standing
  • Include software to perform orderly shutdowns of one or more servers
  • Include software to notify administrators of power outages and problems
  • Have optional modules to allow remote (over the network) administration and functionality, such as to turn individual power outlets on and off
  • Have optional environmental monitoring modules PCNET can supply your company with the right power backup solution sized for uptime and growth

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