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Network Time Synchronization Services:

This is a new value added offer for PCNET to our clients.

Clock synchronization is a problem from computer science and engineering which deals with the idea that internal clocks of several computers may differ. Even when initially set accurately, real clocks will differ after some amount of time due to clock drift, caused by clocks counting time at slightly different rates.

How does this affect your business?

Over time the local computer clock will get out of synch, this cause a problem because most databases use the local pc clock for time stamp.

In real cases:

  1. In a Medical Clinic a patient checks-in at 8:30 a.m. in front desk computer, when the patient goes to the lab, the clock of the lab say 8:26 a.m., so this creates inaccurate information.

  2. In IP video surveillance system, the cameras use the local time of the computer or server; this can be a huge liability if the time stamp is wrong.

How can PCNET help you?

We make sure all computers and servers are synchronized and accurate.
PCNET synchronizes you network with our NTP server making sure the time in your computer system is always up to date.

We use the Network Time Protocol. NTP is a protocol for distributing the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), providing a secure and reliable way of transmitting and receiving the time over TCP/IP network such as the Internet or a corporate local area network.

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